Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Wrong Call!

Prologue: It was a lazy noon, when I wanted to give myself a treat by not working at all. I ordered a Pizza, my favorite wit extra sausages and olives. After placing the order I went to take  shower and soon my thought drifted to my not so active, in fact long lost sex life. I fantasized about the sounds that I usually listen in the nights from neighbor’s apartment – they recently got married. I started to get wet! And my hands started to play with my clit. I was in middle of the self pleasuring process when my cell phone rang I checked the number but it was an unknown caller. I answered the phone with my finger in my pussy!

William as Willie:
I as Middy

Willie: Do you still want me to fill your pussy with my cock?

Middy: Don’t you know the answer Willie? Just the thought of your hands feeling my hips, mouth covering my nipples and dick filling my cunt give me secretions that you would love to get your tongue dipped in. My knees go weak.
(I knew it was a dumb call but I thought there was no harm in getting a bit nasty)

Willie: Oh really? Do you mean it?

Middy: Hell Yes my invader! I will moan and make nasty noises for you so that you can punish me, treat me like a whore and smack my heart shaped ass. And later fill me with your monstrous cock and hit against my inner walls

Willie: Ohh!! Mmmm Middy you are getting wild aren’t you? Will you suck on my cock and bend that fucking ass for me?

Middy: Ohh Fucking God yeah! I would love to taste my juices on your cock. Drench your cock with my fluid and slide it down to my throat. I want my cock monster to look right into my eyes while he fuck me. Get on top of me, control me love me, lust me and wear me! Will you do that Willie?

Willie: Sure love! I would love to see in those sweet eyes and press my dick inside your hole. I would love to see your expressions when I will press that extra length of my cock inside your pussy! Can you take all of me?

Middy: I will definitely take you deeper. Deeper than I allow my small sized husband. I WILL TAKE ALL THAT MEAT INSIDE MY HOLE

Willie: Would you like me to get gentle Middy?

Middy: Just in the beginning while you kiss my lips, stroke my pussy and rub my nipples.

Willie: Sure thing my nasty Hun! You will find my tounches sensual, deep, soft and even commanding. And when I will taste your pussy, I will make it wet. Then I will insert my penis inside your wet, ready and warm love hole and start to pound it. I will keep on pounding and humping till you come multiple times. Again and Again!.

Middy: Oh Willie! Fuck!! I want you…

Willie: I Am Waiting outside the door! Your Pizza is Ready with extra sausage! Come get me.

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Ride

Please allow me to come inside, I am sure tonight I will satisfy you like no one has ever satisfied you. If you want a man loving you, wearing you and nurturing you then it is your time to avail it… Please don’t say no come inside!”

I glanced at my phone to know the time and realized that he would be arriving shortly. With a bit of throbbing in between my legs I stood up. As we talked about it months before, the day had came and as soon as I could make up my mind a Lexus rolled up and within a moment a guy stepped out of it, nicely dressed. He approached me and with his eyes locked to mine he wrapped his arms around my waist. He whispered “It feels great to finally meet you and hold you.”

He took my bag from my hand and threw it to the back seat. And he opened the door for me so I sat in the seat.

While he drove I eyed him, his arms and his hands, In my wildest imaginations I fantasized about those hands to play with my ass, my breasts and my pussy. I moaned.

He looked at me and asked “What happened sweetie?”

“I want to kiss you” I replied. He came closer and we kissed, I sucked his lips and tongue. I can tell it was a passionate one. He cupped my breast while we kissed and tasted each others’ lips and tongues. I pulled back soon! Before I might lose control.

He took me to a restaurant. He must have noticed my reservations and confused mind. We had margaritas. As a result I lost my anxieties and now I needed attention and devotion… Instead of “I” it was my body, indeed.

As we left the restaurant and he drove. I reached over and slipped my fingers between his legs. Soon he knew what I had in mind and he adjusted his seat to let me have better and more access of his organ. I without wasting more time unzipped his pants and covered his cock with my mouth after admiring its length. To my surprise his cock grew more inside my mouth and I could feel him hitting the back of my throat. But I enjoyed my throat being choked. I kept sucking him harder and harder. Soon I announced “You have to pull over somewhere, I need you between all my holes.” I kissed his balls and again said “I can not wait any longer”

He soon pulled the car into a darken deck. He got out of the car. He opened my door and within no time my pants were dropped to my ankles and he had bent me over with my head on passenger seat, my ass in air so that it could get in contact with his raging cock. His one hand was in my hair whereas the other over my ass.


 “Are you ready to take it inside of you?” he asked!

I could only moan and grunt with pleasure.

Soon with a nice swift thrust he was inside me. He filled me completely with his cock. Even stretched me! We both escaped moans and sighs and started to move our asses back and forth to produce friction.
“This is what you needed! Didn’t you came all the way for this fat cock to slip between your holes?”
I needed him. I ached for him to fill every hole of my body. I wanted to gulp him, consume him, get as much of him as I possibly could.

It was just after that he parted my legs wider and got on his knees. “No fucking way! Here! He cant be doing such a thing!” I thought to myself. But before my thoughts could end I felt his tongue tasting my clit. I could not control my voice. I got vocal, started to cry out loud in passion and pleasure. The more I moaned and gasped the deeper I felt his tongue inside me. “Ohh Fucking Gawd Please! I need you right now! I cant take it any longer, Fill my hole”

He got back on his feet and my eyes got fixed around his magnificent, hard, solid and blessed manhood, which was inches away from my hungry pussy. I wanted so much to have him back in my mouth, to tease him and stroke him and have him down my throat.

“I’m going to fuck you the way I promised I would fuck you all these months”, he whispered, a serious tone in his voice.

“Mother fucker! Fuck me then! Whats stopping you”, I replied aggressively and breathlessly.

He pushed his dick inside my clit and I groaned as he shoved his cock into me, his body slamming against mine. He shouted. “Look at me I want to see your pretty face while I come”.

He moved slowly inside me, rhythmically with every thrust. “Push back”, he said. “Push that pussy back on me baby”.

He kept filling my spot just right. My pussy started its throbbing, the pulsing muscles indicating my intimate pleasure. I screamed. I screamed out his name. He had me under his control. Fuck.

He closed his eyes in obvious pleasure and put his head up to the sky. “Look at me”, I said. “Watch me. I’m going to come”.

I licked my lips and pushed my ass back harder against him. His thrusts got quicker and deeper, harder and deeper, faster and harder.

“Baby”, I moaned, my eyes never leaving his. “Baby, feel it. Feel that pussy baby. It’s all yours”, I moaned.

“Fuck woman”, he moaned, “You’re driving me crazy”, he said. “Take it, take it all, take this dick meddd”.

And then, right then, right there, in the bright light of day, in a parking deck somewhere off the freeway in Austin, I felt his warm, sweet liquid gush inside me.

And I smiled

Ohh!! What a memory!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

My Trip To Spain With My Husband

I was in Spain with my old hubby. It was one of his trips where he used to meet the doctors and attend seminars and meetings and I used to stay all alone in the villa. As I usually had nothing to do so I preferred to swim there. It was my third day over there while I was swimming, dressed in my red bikini, that did nothing to hide my popping out breasts. A guy, he must be from Spain, as his looks were very much like those, started to eye me. I kinda liked his attention. So I tried to give him a tease. I wore my shades so that he could not see my eyes and I came out of pool and rested on the lounge chair that was placed exactly against his. In between there was the pool so I knew that it will take ages for him to reach me!

I started to relax, and in my mind I was all set to give him a show. I curved my legs. I tried to portray that my eyes were closed and I was falling asleep, soon I slightly parted my legs, so that he could see some glistening. The moment I parted my legs I noticed his hand dropping to the front of his shorts. His shorts were really skin fitted so I could see a nice out line of his manhood. I really couldn’t believe, he started to slightly rub his dick. I unknowingly brought my fingers to my panty and started to circle around it. We both were playing with each other. Soon he stood up and left. I was shocked. I waited for him but he didn’t return for 5 minutes!

Then I jumped in the pool trying to cool off. The moment I jumped and started to swim, I heard a splash and when I turned my head I found him getting closer to me and soon he came in front of me. He faced me and without speaking a word he held my hand and let me feel his dick.

He was not wearing anything to cover his manliness. And Trust me I was not able to leave that warm, wet and fat organ of his… I started to rub him right there and then. He kissed me on my lips, furiously playing with my tongue… Within a motion he, with his hand, stripped my panties and with the other hand on my hips pressed me against him. Soon my thirsty pussy was filled with his giant cock. I screamed in pleasure and he started to hump right in the middle of the pool. I lost all the senses and started to enjoy his cock moving inside of me. “Ohhh!!! Uhhmmmm…” I kept of making such sounds… For good ten minutes he kept on pumping his monstrous cock inside my love hole. And then he filled my cunt with his hot juices. That was an amazing feeling to be fucked inside the pool, with my legs covered around his waist, his hands holding my hips and his mouth ravishing me.

“Your Room or Mine?” He whispered

“Yours” I replied softly.

He carried me in his arms and headed towards his room. It must be really a treat for others to watch a naked man carrying a woman in his arms and moving. Soon we were in his room. He kissed me and I returned his kisses with ultimate passion. I even bit his lower lip, which he loved. He let me lay on his bed and then he bent over his knees and parted my legs. He smelled my shaved pussy… and started to lick it with the tip of his tongue. “Ohhh my gawd” I screamed with both my hands unknowingly covering his head and pulling his face against my pussy. He kept on licking me. With his Tongue moving deeper and much deeper inside my pussy. I cover my thighs around his face. He used his teeth and lips along with his tongue to make me close to explode! But as soon as I Screamed “I am about to cum” he withdrew his tongue and lips. He hurriedly filled my hungry cunt with his swollen cock.

And He started to pump his cock inside my pussy. I was enjoying that. He squeezed my breasts, played with my nipples. “ohhh!!! Uhhmmmm.. fuck yeah!!” I kept on screaming… “Fill me fully”. “Fuck me harder” were the words that were coming out of my mouth!

Soon he unloaded his sperms inside my pussy and we collapsed!

The interesting thing is that! I even don’t know his name till date!

After that evening I didn’t get a chance to meet or see him!

For me he was Mr. Spain!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Trial Room Humping

Hank (My husband) and his friend Pat are usually up for window shopping, this is the reason why they always are ready to accompany me whenever I decide to go out on shopping. Pat is 8 years younger to Hank, which means he is 4 years younger to me. He is cute and very charming. I have fantasized about him a lot. He seems to be one of those men who give it all to their women. I try to walk in minimal clothing or fitted attires whenever he is around. He also likes to roam his eyes on every mound and curve of my body. 

Last week I wanted to go out for shopping to buy a bra and pair of panties. Pat was there as well and Hank decided to go along with me. Pat agreed to accompany us. When I reached to the mall, I on purpose, slid my bare thigh against Pat’s fingers and he grabbed it softly, as if he was waiting for me to get in contact with him. I was surprised yet turned on by the warmth felt by his fingers and palm. I asked Hank to follow me as I headed towards the lingerie shop. I entered the trial room, get rid of my clothes and soon I noticed a shadow near the trial room, considering it would be Hank, I snuck him inside holding his wrist and placing his hand between my thighs. To my surprise it was Pat, who was now touching the warm, soft and wet spot of my body. “I told Hank about the discount offer at Stafford, so he rushed for that” Pat told me and his grip became firm.

“But, Pat!” I started to speak but he cupped my breast and said “Look honey, you are one hot woman, insatiable and definitely wet at this moment, don’t you like to feel it” with those words he held my hand and placed it over his bulge. God, he was huge. 

I couldn’t control my burning desire to get that manhood inside my wet pussy. I rubbed his cock up and down. He started to kiss me on my neck and slid his tongue from my neck to my chin and then suckled my lower lip. I responded by opening my mouth and sliding my tongue against his. He removed my panties and I undid his jeans. We both were pressed against each other. He slid his cock inside my pussy slowly with his both hands on either of my hips. I couldn’t help but sigh and moan. I tried to keep my voice low as in public place the fear of getting caught was something I might have not handled. But soon he covered my mouth with his, so that all my moans and groans traveled inside his mouth. He kept on fucking me there standing against the wall. I wrapped my legs around him and crossing my arms around his neck.

His movements and thrusts became faster and much wilder and he spurted his load inside my pussy the moment his bit my lower lip. I can still feel the hot load of jism flowing inside my hole. After that he left the trial room and I composed myself and walked out of the room as well. Hank was busy in his window shopping and I received a text on my cell from Pat “Hey honey, If you still want to feel this hard dick in more holes, come, meet me in the elevator”.

That’s another story! ;)

Let me know if you want to hear what happened next!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Understanding a Lesbian

We wanted to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday hence we decided (all 6 of the girls) to rent an apartment in Bristol and enjoy the night like crazy. We all showered one by one that night to get ready for the night ahead. We started to drink heavily and soon the conversation was targeted about me. They kept on asking about what make me want a woman? I asked them to select one girl from the lot to act as lesbian (just for the sake of knowing it) and I left the room to smoke a joint. Soon, the birthday girl Rebecca, came to me and asked how do I usually proceed…

As I started to explain her the minute details she (I suppose) got excited and started to kiss me. I didn’t want her to change her mind so I pushed her against the wall, kissed her back by sliding my tongue against her, cupping her breasts and undoing her bra. Soon I was rubbing her clit and she was writhing heavily. I could hear her loud moans full of pleasure and as soon she orgasmed against me. When we came to our senses, we realized that all the other girls were watching us in surprise. That night Rebecca demanded me to please her all night long! Which I obeyed!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Filled - On the Doorstep

It was Anthony, who met me in college in a seminar conducted by Literature council. We shared pleasantries and soon we started dating. He wanted me to meet his parents. So one afternoon he took me to his parent’s place to meet them for the first time. As we arrived early and they both weren’t home we started to talk, tease and play a bit. His parents used to live next to a busy roundabout and at that moment even it was quite busy. He soon playfully grabbed my left breast and I held him with his dick out of habit. I noticed that he was really hard and ready because at the same time he moaned when I grabbed his dick.

He always had a thing for public sex and affection. I was turned on by coming to know about his hardness. Soon I softly kissed him on his lips. As a result we started snuggling. I then brushed my fingers lightly against his dick and he moaned with pleasure. I needed no further instructions I then unbuckled his pants and unzipped him. To my surprise he was not wearing any briefs just like I wasn’t wearing any panties. I rubbed his cock back and forth, slowly and then started to speed up my movements. As He was biting my neck, sliding his tongue over my lips and squeezing my breasts, I could not stand it any longer and I parted my legs right in front of his parents’ house and let him slid inside my warm and wet hole.

Right there and then he kept on moving back and forth faster with his meat inside my shaved pussy. I remember his fingers were inserted in my mouth as I was moaning out loud because of ultimate pleasure and soon he came inside me. We did not know what happened to us as we were both lustfully overtaken. As soon as we got dressed properly we heard his parents’ horn as they arrived and I met them like a good and nice girl.

Wow! That was one hell of an encounter!

Power of Towel

When I was in high school, I used to hang out with Tracey a lot. One night I stayed at her place and woke up really late. When I saw the clock on the wall I came to realize that Tracey was off to her class and I would have to manage on my own to get out of her vacant house. As I was sure there would be no one around, I decided to take a hot shower. After rinsing my body completely I wrapped a towel around me and stepped out of her common washroom.

She was small as compared to me, I wasn’t, (and am still not) fat, but she was short heighted and had much smaller boobs. So it was hard to wrap that towel around my 34C and cover my hips. Anyways, I walked out of the shower, in that tiny towel, singing and bumped into her boy friend (Jeremy – Black and 6’3+) who used to play soccer back then and was really famous for his extra foot… ;). As my towel was not doing any sufficient covering so I dropped the towel (letting him think that it was by accident). He could not help but stare my perky nipples which were definitely hard after bumping into him.

I noticed his bulge in his trouser, and My Oh My, he definitely had that extra between his legs. I looked into his eyes, smiled and softly grabbed his dick in my hands. I went on my knees, with out saying a thing, he stood there, and I lowered his trouser to witness one of my longest witnessed dicks. I opened my mouth, kissed it, sucked his balls and gave him a blow job right there and then. He came inside my mouth and then asked “Isn’t Tracey around Meddy?”

“Nopes, thank gawd she isn’t, else I would have tasted and witnessed you against my mouth”

“Am sure you will even enjoy more when it will go deeper inside your lil hole.”

With that we rushed to Tracey’s bedroom and he rocked my world for good hours. Even today she has no idea what happened between her best friend and her ex-boyfriend.

I still get wet when I visualize our chance encounter.

P.S - What do my readers think about this encounter? Have they by any chance faced the same scenario? Lets Share...

I Parted My Legs Wider

The best thing about tagging along with your husband and his friend(s) is that you get chances that can be quite entertaining. I can still remember when I was in the cinema with my husband and his friends. Definitely most of them were with their girl friends and wives. I was seated between my husband and his friend Todd. I never like to sit in the corner so my Todd volunteered to sit on the corner most seat.

Let me tell you a bit about Todd, he is 6ft 1”, broad, muscular and a bit fat. He always used to eye on me, so I, knowing about his intentions, used to give him those moments. Yup those moments of bending, sliding and dropping things in front of him – so that the poor soul can get more uneasiness in his pants. LOL

The movie was getting boring and I started to yawn frequently. Todd noticed that and (I don’t know from where he got the balls) he slid his hand on the back of my skirt and on to my ass. As I am from those women who can get charged easily so this made me really horny, and I parted my legs little wider. Our eyes met and he give me the sexiest grin and within a jiffy he pushed my knickers to the side and shoved his longest finger into me. I tried not to moan in bliss, because I don’t want my husband to catch my acts. I shifted one of my hands from my thigh to rest upon his pants and started to rub slowly. He was at full glory. I could swear he was enjoying every bit of the surprise and thrill. He was constantly growing under my fingers and palm and this was driving me crazy. Soon I whispered in my hubby’s ears that I need to pee and I’ll be back soon. I looked into Todd’s eyes and gestured him to follow me. Soon he came out of the darkened room and entered the ladies washroom, where I was already waiting for him, hungrily. The moment he stepped in, in grabbed him with his hardened dick (with one hand) and collar (with the other) and kissed him frantically, allowing my other hand to move ravenously over his manhood. Soon his pants were down just like my skirt and panties, which were on the floor. 

He shoved his magnificent cock inside my pleasure hole and kept on ramming me. I started to moan and sigh harder and louder but then I realized its not wise, even if the toilet was deserted, one must not take a chance. Hence I locked my mouth with his and groaned in his mouth. We spend 10 minutes of sheer pleasure, lust and intimacy and then he came inside me. We fixed ourselves and got back to the movie. It was definitely one hell of an experience.

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