Monday, 11 June 2012

Understanding a Lesbian

We wanted to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday hence we decided (all 6 of the girls) to rent an apartment in Bristol and enjoy the night like crazy. We all showered one by one that night to get ready for the night ahead. We started to drink heavily and soon the conversation was targeted about me. They kept on asking about what make me want a woman? I asked them to select one girl from the lot to act as lesbian (just for the sake of knowing it) and I left the room to smoke a joint. Soon, the birthday girl Rebecca, came to me and asked how do I usually proceed…

As I started to explain her the minute details she (I suppose) got excited and started to kiss me. I didn’t want her to change her mind so I pushed her against the wall, kissed her back by sliding my tongue against her, cupping her breasts and undoing her bra. Soon I was rubbing her clit and she was writhing heavily. I could hear her loud moans full of pleasure and as soon she orgasmed against me. When we came to our senses, we realized that all the other girls were watching us in surprise. That night Rebecca demanded me to please her all night long! Which I obeyed!

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