Friday, 15 June 2012

The Ride

Please allow me to come inside, I am sure tonight I will satisfy you like no one has ever satisfied you. If you want a man loving you, wearing you and nurturing you then it is your time to avail it… Please don’t say no come inside!”

I glanced at my phone to know the time and realized that he would be arriving shortly. With a bit of throbbing in between my legs I stood up. As we talked about it months before, the day had came and as soon as I could make up my mind a Lexus rolled up and within a moment a guy stepped out of it, nicely dressed. He approached me and with his eyes locked to mine he wrapped his arms around my waist. He whispered “It feels great to finally meet you and hold you.”

He took my bag from my hand and threw it to the back seat. And he opened the door for me so I sat in the seat.

While he drove I eyed him, his arms and his hands, In my wildest imaginations I fantasized about those hands to play with my ass, my breasts and my pussy. I moaned.

He looked at me and asked “What happened sweetie?”

“I want to kiss you” I replied. He came closer and we kissed, I sucked his lips and tongue. I can tell it was a passionate one. He cupped my breast while we kissed and tasted each others’ lips and tongues. I pulled back soon! Before I might lose control.

He took me to a restaurant. He must have noticed my reservations and confused mind. We had margaritas. As a result I lost my anxieties and now I needed attention and devotion… Instead of “I” it was my body, indeed.

As we left the restaurant and he drove. I reached over and slipped my fingers between his legs. Soon he knew what I had in mind and he adjusted his seat to let me have better and more access of his organ. I without wasting more time unzipped his pants and covered his cock with my mouth after admiring its length. To my surprise his cock grew more inside my mouth and I could feel him hitting the back of my throat. But I enjoyed my throat being choked. I kept sucking him harder and harder. Soon I announced “You have to pull over somewhere, I need you between all my holes.” I kissed his balls and again said “I can not wait any longer”

He soon pulled the car into a darken deck. He got out of the car. He opened my door and within no time my pants were dropped to my ankles and he had bent me over with my head on passenger seat, my ass in air so that it could get in contact with his raging cock. His one hand was in my hair whereas the other over my ass.


 “Are you ready to take it inside of you?” he asked!

I could only moan and grunt with pleasure.

Soon with a nice swift thrust he was inside me. He filled me completely with his cock. Even stretched me! We both escaped moans and sighs and started to move our asses back and forth to produce friction.
“This is what you needed! Didn’t you came all the way for this fat cock to slip between your holes?”
I needed him. I ached for him to fill every hole of my body. I wanted to gulp him, consume him, get as much of him as I possibly could.

It was just after that he parted my legs wider and got on his knees. “No fucking way! Here! He cant be doing such a thing!” I thought to myself. But before my thoughts could end I felt his tongue tasting my clit. I could not control my voice. I got vocal, started to cry out loud in passion and pleasure. The more I moaned and gasped the deeper I felt his tongue inside me. “Ohh Fucking Gawd Please! I need you right now! I cant take it any longer, Fill my hole”

He got back on his feet and my eyes got fixed around his magnificent, hard, solid and blessed manhood, which was inches away from my hungry pussy. I wanted so much to have him back in my mouth, to tease him and stroke him and have him down my throat.

“I’m going to fuck you the way I promised I would fuck you all these months”, he whispered, a serious tone in his voice.

“Mother fucker! Fuck me then! Whats stopping you”, I replied aggressively and breathlessly.

He pushed his dick inside my clit and I groaned as he shoved his cock into me, his body slamming against mine. He shouted. “Look at me I want to see your pretty face while I come”.

He moved slowly inside me, rhythmically with every thrust. “Push back”, he said. “Push that pussy back on me baby”.

He kept filling my spot just right. My pussy started its throbbing, the pulsing muscles indicating my intimate pleasure. I screamed. I screamed out his name. He had me under his control. Fuck.

He closed his eyes in obvious pleasure and put his head up to the sky. “Look at me”, I said. “Watch me. I’m going to come”.

I licked my lips and pushed my ass back harder against him. His thrusts got quicker and deeper, harder and deeper, faster and harder.

“Baby”, I moaned, my eyes never leaving his. “Baby, feel it. Feel that pussy baby. It’s all yours”, I moaned.

“Fuck woman”, he moaned, “You’re driving me crazy”, he said. “Take it, take it all, take this dick meddd”.

And then, right then, right there, in the bright light of day, in a parking deck somewhere off the freeway in Austin, I felt his warm, sweet liquid gush inside me.

And I smiled

Ohh!! What a memory!


  1. Wow! it is yummy!
    I would want you to write more!

  2. Its hot!
    Keep writing!

  3. Intense!
    It made me wet!