Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Wrong Call!

Prologue: It was a lazy noon, when I wanted to give myself a treat by not working at all. I ordered a Pizza, my favorite wit extra sausages and olives. After placing the order I went to take  shower and soon my thought drifted to my not so active, in fact long lost sex life. I fantasized about the sounds that I usually listen in the nights from neighbor’s apartment – they recently got married. I started to get wet! And my hands started to play with my clit. I was in middle of the self pleasuring process when my cell phone rang I checked the number but it was an unknown caller. I answered the phone with my finger in my pussy!

William as Willie:
I as Middy

Willie: Do you still want me to fill your pussy with my cock?

Middy: Don’t you know the answer Willie? Just the thought of your hands feeling my hips, mouth covering my nipples and dick filling my cunt give me secretions that you would love to get your tongue dipped in. My knees go weak.
(I knew it was a dumb call but I thought there was no harm in getting a bit nasty)

Willie: Oh really? Do you mean it?

Middy: Hell Yes my invader! I will moan and make nasty noises for you so that you can punish me, treat me like a whore and smack my heart shaped ass. And later fill me with your monstrous cock and hit against my inner walls

Willie: Ohh!! Mmmm Middy you are getting wild aren’t you? Will you suck on my cock and bend that fucking ass for me?

Middy: Ohh Fucking God yeah! I would love to taste my juices on your cock. Drench your cock with my fluid and slide it down to my throat. I want my cock monster to look right into my eyes while he fuck me. Get on top of me, control me love me, lust me and wear me! Will you do that Willie?

Willie: Sure love! I would love to see in those sweet eyes and press my dick inside your hole. I would love to see your expressions when I will press that extra length of my cock inside your pussy! Can you take all of me?

Middy: I will definitely take you deeper. Deeper than I allow my small sized husband. I WILL TAKE ALL THAT MEAT INSIDE MY HOLE

Willie: Would you like me to get gentle Middy?

Middy: Just in the beginning while you kiss my lips, stroke my pussy and rub my nipples.

Willie: Sure thing my nasty Hun! You will find my tounches sensual, deep, soft and even commanding. And when I will taste your pussy, I will make it wet. Then I will insert my penis inside your wet, ready and warm love hole and start to pound it. I will keep on pounding and humping till you come multiple times. Again and Again!.

Middy: Oh Willie! Fuck!! I want you…

Willie: I Am Waiting outside the door! Your Pizza is Ready with extra sausage! Come get me.

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