Sunday, 10 June 2012

I Parted My Legs Wider

The best thing about tagging along with your husband and his friend(s) is that you get chances that can be quite entertaining. I can still remember when I was in the cinema with my husband and his friends. Definitely most of them were with their girl friends and wives. I was seated between my husband and his friend Todd. I never like to sit in the corner so my Todd volunteered to sit on the corner most seat.

Let me tell you a bit about Todd, he is 6ft 1”, broad, muscular and a bit fat. He always used to eye on me, so I, knowing about his intentions, used to give him those moments. Yup those moments of bending, sliding and dropping things in front of him – so that the poor soul can get more uneasiness in his pants. LOL

The movie was getting boring and I started to yawn frequently. Todd noticed that and (I don’t know from where he got the balls) he slid his hand on the back of my skirt and on to my ass. As I am from those women who can get charged easily so this made me really horny, and I parted my legs little wider. Our eyes met and he give me the sexiest grin and within a jiffy he pushed my knickers to the side and shoved his longest finger into me. I tried not to moan in bliss, because I don’t want my husband to catch my acts. I shifted one of my hands from my thigh to rest upon his pants and started to rub slowly. He was at full glory. I could swear he was enjoying every bit of the surprise and thrill. He was constantly growing under my fingers and palm and this was driving me crazy. Soon I whispered in my hubby’s ears that I need to pee and I’ll be back soon. I looked into Todd’s eyes and gestured him to follow me. Soon he came out of the darkened room and entered the ladies washroom, where I was already waiting for him, hungrily. The moment he stepped in, in grabbed him with his hardened dick (with one hand) and collar (with the other) and kissed him frantically, allowing my other hand to move ravenously over his manhood. Soon his pants were down just like my skirt and panties, which were on the floor. 

He shoved his magnificent cock inside my pleasure hole and kept on ramming me. I started to moan and sigh harder and louder but then I realized its not wise, even if the toilet was deserted, one must not take a chance. Hence I locked my mouth with his and groaned in his mouth. We spend 10 minutes of sheer pleasure, lust and intimacy and then he came inside me. We fixed ourselves and got back to the movie. It was definitely one hell of an experience.

P.S. Do let me know if you enjoyed reading this. Also share your views, experiences and fantasies so that I can know there are people reading my wildest experiences and few of my fantasies.

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  1. I can remember when my b/f sucked my fingers playfully while watching Harry Potter and I rubbed his pants.. and made him cum against my fingers!
    Then I tasted his fluid!!
    you took me to that memory!
    good one!