Sunday, 10 June 2012

Filled - On the Doorstep

It was Anthony, who met me in college in a seminar conducted by Literature council. We shared pleasantries and soon we started dating. He wanted me to meet his parents. So one afternoon he took me to his parent’s place to meet them for the first time. As we arrived early and they both weren’t home we started to talk, tease and play a bit. His parents used to live next to a busy roundabout and at that moment even it was quite busy. He soon playfully grabbed my left breast and I held him with his dick out of habit. I noticed that he was really hard and ready because at the same time he moaned when I grabbed his dick.

He always had a thing for public sex and affection. I was turned on by coming to know about his hardness. Soon I softly kissed him on his lips. As a result we started snuggling. I then brushed my fingers lightly against his dick and he moaned with pleasure. I needed no further instructions I then unbuckled his pants and unzipped him. To my surprise he was not wearing any briefs just like I wasn’t wearing any panties. I rubbed his cock back and forth, slowly and then started to speed up my movements. As He was biting my neck, sliding his tongue over my lips and squeezing my breasts, I could not stand it any longer and I parted my legs right in front of his parents’ house and let him slid inside my warm and wet hole.

Right there and then he kept on moving back and forth faster with his meat inside my shaved pussy. I remember his fingers were inserted in my mouth as I was moaning out loud because of ultimate pleasure and soon he came inside me. We did not know what happened to us as we were both lustfully overtaken. As soon as we got dressed properly we heard his parents’ horn as they arrived and I met them like a good and nice girl.

Wow! That was one hell of an encounter!

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