Thursday, 14 June 2012

My Trip To Spain With My Husband

I was in Spain with my old hubby. It was one of his trips where he used to meet the doctors and attend seminars and meetings and I used to stay all alone in the villa. As I usually had nothing to do so I preferred to swim there. It was my third day over there while I was swimming, dressed in my red bikini, that did nothing to hide my popping out breasts. A guy, he must be from Spain, as his looks were very much like those, started to eye me. I kinda liked his attention. So I tried to give him a tease. I wore my shades so that he could not see my eyes and I came out of pool and rested on the lounge chair that was placed exactly against his. In between there was the pool so I knew that it will take ages for him to reach me!

I started to relax, and in my mind I was all set to give him a show. I curved my legs. I tried to portray that my eyes were closed and I was falling asleep, soon I slightly parted my legs, so that he could see some glistening. The moment I parted my legs I noticed his hand dropping to the front of his shorts. His shorts were really skin fitted so I could see a nice out line of his manhood. I really couldn’t believe, he started to slightly rub his dick. I unknowingly brought my fingers to my panty and started to circle around it. We both were playing with each other. Soon he stood up and left. I was shocked. I waited for him but he didn’t return for 5 minutes!

Then I jumped in the pool trying to cool off. The moment I jumped and started to swim, I heard a splash and when I turned my head I found him getting closer to me and soon he came in front of me. He faced me and without speaking a word he held my hand and let me feel his dick.

He was not wearing anything to cover his manliness. And Trust me I was not able to leave that warm, wet and fat organ of his… I started to rub him right there and then. He kissed me on my lips, furiously playing with my tongue… Within a motion he, with his hand, stripped my panties and with the other hand on my hips pressed me against him. Soon my thirsty pussy was filled with his giant cock. I screamed in pleasure and he started to hump right in the middle of the pool. I lost all the senses and started to enjoy his cock moving inside of me. “Ohhh!!! Uhhmmmm…” I kept of making such sounds… For good ten minutes he kept on pumping his monstrous cock inside my love hole. And then he filled my cunt with his hot juices. That was an amazing feeling to be fucked inside the pool, with my legs covered around his waist, his hands holding my hips and his mouth ravishing me.

“Your Room or Mine?” He whispered

“Yours” I replied softly.

He carried me in his arms and headed towards his room. It must be really a treat for others to watch a naked man carrying a woman in his arms and moving. Soon we were in his room. He kissed me and I returned his kisses with ultimate passion. I even bit his lower lip, which he loved. He let me lay on his bed and then he bent over his knees and parted my legs. He smelled my shaved pussy… and started to lick it with the tip of his tongue. “Ohhh my gawd” I screamed with both my hands unknowingly covering his head and pulling his face against my pussy. He kept on licking me. With his Tongue moving deeper and much deeper inside my pussy. I cover my thighs around his face. He used his teeth and lips along with his tongue to make me close to explode! But as soon as I Screamed “I am about to cum” he withdrew his tongue and lips. He hurriedly filled my hungry cunt with his swollen cock.

And He started to pump his cock inside my pussy. I was enjoying that. He squeezed my breasts, played with my nipples. “ohhh!!! Uhhmmmm.. fuck yeah!!” I kept on screaming… “Fill me fully”. “Fuck me harder” were the words that were coming out of my mouth!

Soon he unloaded his sperms inside my pussy and we collapsed!

The interesting thing is that! I even don’t know his name till date!

After that evening I didn’t get a chance to meet or see him!

For me he was Mr. Spain!

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